SETX FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Contact Information for SETX 


Stephanie Ryder
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Richard Loden
Vice President
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SETX High School Fishing
P.O. Box 548
Vidor, Tx. 77662




  1. How do I start a bass team/club at my school?

Before anything can take place, an adult advisor must assume responsibility for the club. The advisor/coach will be responsible for handling all paperwork, registrations, and many other duties required in running a bass club/team. This person will be the primary contact between SETX and his/her club members and is responsible for making sure that information is passed in between.  

*****Permission- First and foremost, make sure the administration at your school knows your intentions of starting a club and that you have permission to do so.

*****Gauge interest- by announcing that you will be having a meeting. Make sure you give everyone at least a one-week notice.

*****Sign Up- Acquire names and get registered with BASS or SAF (Student Angler Federation) Membership costs vary (around $25) and is good for one year. This is has nothing to do with SETX!! This is simply registration to acquire the required insurance needed to fish in HS tournaments. Online registration is available on both websites. Proof of registration will be required before joining SETX. Membership with these organizations also allows the anglers to participate in the various tournaments hosted by these two organizations around the country.

*****Help Getting Started- Contact Stephanie (above) for help with any questions or forms you may need in getting a club started. He can send you everything you will need to start a club at your school.


  1. Once established, how does my club join SETX?

*****Proof of BASS/SAF registration to SETX. If your club is registered with both organizations, multiple copies must be provided. Anglers must be listed to be eligible to fish with SETX. Any supplemental additions must be provided and on file before an angler can participate with SETX.

*****Waivers- Liability waivers for both Anglers and Captains must be on file. These forms are available on the SETX website. Any supplemental additions must be provided and on file before an angler or captain can participate with SETX.

*****Captains Roster- Any captain who will be participating in a SETX event must be submitted before the season starts. This list should include all participating captains AND those who MAY be a Captain at some point during the season. Any supplemental additions must be provided, on file, and approved before a captain can participate with SETX.

*****Annual Member Dues- Each angler will be charged a $50 annual membership for SETX membership with a $500 minimum per school/club. Example- 25 members would pay $1250. If a club has less than 10 members, the minimum cost of membership will be $500.


  1. What if my school will not let us participate or create a bass team/club?

In the unlikely event, your home school will not allow a fishing team or club, do not panic because there are options available.

There have been instances where administrators and schools are hesitant to allow fishing teams/clubs on their campuses. Reasons for this vary, but most of the time it is simply a matter of the sport still being in its infancy and people simply not knowing the specific details of how it works. Educating them is part of being a good advisor. The more you know about the sport and its benefits, the better your chance of convincing someone to allow it on your campus. We are all ambassadors of the sport, so being able to display the benefits to someone who may not know the details of the sport is of paramount importance when starting a club. Do not hesitate to call upon a SETX board member or other established club advisors for tips on how to convince your school to participate in HS Fishing.  

If all else fails, you do have the following option… Start your own Junior Angler Club outside of the school. Perhaps Jonestown HS will not allow a team. That does not mean that you can’t start the Jonestown Junior Anglers Club. Instead of holding meetings at the school, maybe you have to have them at your house or the fire department or elks club. Another option is to join an established club in your area and create a “junior” division of that club. Many bass clubs have junior divisions and most would be eager to adopt one. As long as your kids meet the age/grade requirements, are registered through the TBF or BASS, and are still held to the same eligibility standards as everyone else, your club is good to go.

  1. Do I have to be an employee of the school to start a club?

SETX does not require the advisor to be an employee of the school district. However, like many other things, local policy supersedes SETX policy. Some of our best advisors are not school employees. If a non-employee wishes to be an advisor, it is imperative that they have the blessings of the local ISD and follow the guidelines set forth by their ISD for non-employee volunteers. Every ISD in Texas has a school volunteer application process. Every non-employee advisor MUST complete this process and be approved by their ISD

  1. Where does the money come from? Where does it go?

SETX basically has a 4 pronged approach in how funds are allocated throughout the season.

*****100% payback at tournaments- SETX is the ONLY HS Trail that does this and has done it since 2014!! Whatever SETX takes in tournament entry fees, that is the amount payed out based on one place for every ten entries at our tournaments.

*****Membership Dues- These annual dues are used to maintain existing equipment such as vehicles, computer equipment, and trailers. These funds also pay for expenses such as polygraphs, live release boats, tents, porta cans, dumpsters, postage, trophies, Corps of Engineers permits, prizes, door prizes, traffic control, security, vehicle registration, fuel reimbursement, equipment storage, signage and promotional items, website, additional championship expenses, and insurance.

*****Fundraiser- Used to purchase larger ticket items. Stage trailer, equipment trailers, live release trailer, audio systems, camera’s, computers.

*****Sponsorships- All major sponsorship funds are allocated toward Championship Payout and AOY Payout

  1. What are the primary duties of an advisor?

*****Insuring all team members are eligible according to local policy and SETX policy.

*****Insuring that all SETX correspondence is passed on to your captains and anglers.

*****To conduct regular meetings with your club.

*****Taking care of all registration duties for tournaments and making sure payment is received in a timely manner.

*****Developing your own accountability system to make sure all your kids and captains are off the water on tournament days.


  1. What if my High School does not have a club? Can I still fish with SETX?

SETX will allow a student to fish outside of their “district” or local isd if it does not violate local policy and only if there is not a club available in the angler’s HS or hometown. The student must fish with the closest geographic club that will allow outside students to participate.

  1. What if I can’t find a boat or Captain?

One of the first problems a new advisor will have when starting a club is the number of kids interested vs the number of boats/captains available. Every club and every town will be different, but the bottom line is quite simple, there are rarely going to be enough captains and boats for every kid interested in joining your program. Every advisor handles this differently. There are no perfect answers as every situation is different. The best way to gauge true interest in starting a team is for the teams to have at least an idea of “whom” they may have or ask to be their potential boat captains. The advisor may wish to create a “pool” of volunteers he/she may call upon throughout the year to help. “Fairness” issues may arise when the advisor helps one team find a captain and another is left without one. These are things all advisors must take into account when starting a club.

  1. Can I fish by myself? Or do I have to have a partner to fish in an SETX event?

SETX encourages all of its anglers to have a partner to help build team skills, but in the event that an angler cannot find a partner, they are allowed to fish alone. Keep in mind, if someone is added during the season as a partner, a “new team” is created, thus any points accrued by the single angler are his/hers alone and cannot be added to the new teams scores. If an angler does elect to fish alone, that angler must pay the team entry fee of $40.

  1. Can I change partners during the season?

Yes. However, once again, a new team has been created and points are zeroed, thus any points accrued by the “old” team cannot be added to the new teams scores.

  1. What if me or my partner fails a class, has a family emergency, gets hurt, or cannot participate in an event? Can we fish by ourselves?

Yes. If you have been fishing together all year, one of you can fish and still accumulate points as a “team” without the other one present.

  1. Can we change boat captains throughout the season or during championship?

Yes. As long as the captain is listed and approved as a captain for that school in the captains roster submitted at the beginning of the season or as a supplemental addition during the season.

  1. How do I pay my member dues and tournament entry fees?

All monetary transactions should be made by the advisor/coach at that school. Anglers should NEVER be responsible for the handling of entry fees or member dues. All member dues and tournament entry fees should be given to the advisor. When paying member dues, one check for that school should be used. When paying tournament entry fees for a school or club, one check should be used. Anglers should NEVER pay SETX directly for tournament entry fees. 

  1. I have a situation that is not clearly defined in the rules and I am not sure what the answer is. What should I do?

There are situations that arise from time to time that are not covered in our rules or guidelines. Should this happen, please contact a board member or tournament director before the tournament takes place. Many times, exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances if the situation is known beforehand. Two weeks prior to the tournament, a “petition for special circumstance” can be filed and voted on by the board of directors. A final decision will be made by the board before the tournament and you will be notified of the decision.